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The goal of Qubic Programs is to create intricate programs that are appropriate for all users.
ontent provided by Qubic Programs will not include inappropriate images, swearing, or rude comments.
I hope you will enjoy the software on this site.

I am currently in the midst of updating this website:
The progress can be seen at: qubicprograms.x10.mx/dev or qubicprograms.tk
See the News entry for more information
Please Note: The .tk version is the most up-to-date, but is hosted on a single RaspberryPi.
Please bear with any delays in the pages loading.

Current Projects:

Root Word Quiz
A quiz program to help with CAM English


A maze game with a unique mechanic

A page for the various music pieces I have composed

Initiate Sequence
A custom race track for Nitronic Rush

Egg Timer
A utility to track time on the computer

                                                            I am currently working on an overhaul of this website. I am planning on using Bootstrap, which will allow for a much nicer website.

                                                            The update for Labyrinth to version 1.0.1 is completed. I have also added links to my SoundCloud page and custom level I created for Nitronic Rush

                                                            Almost done with the update for Labyrinth. Just touchup for some of the levels and the installer. Should have it out by 5/5/13.

                                                            A new update is coming soon for Labyrinth. This update will include a new mechanic and a few interesting new features...

                                                            The team behind Nitronic Rush is creating a new game, Distance, which they are trying to get funded. Please take a look at both games and tell your friends.

                                                            The Qubical Tekkit server is finally online. The uptime is not currently 24/7, so please E-mail me if you want to use the server. You can read the description here.

                                                            Sorry about how long it has taken to put anything on here. I have been extremely busy with my Eagle Scout project and have had very little time to work on
                                                          other things. I have uploaded the installer for a utility I wrote to keep track of my time on the computer. Also, I am hoping to get a computer working that I can
                                                          use as a Minecraft server. If you have any ideas about what the server should be (Bukkit, Vanilla, Tekkit, other mods, etc...) please E-mail me.

                                                            The server failed today but is now back online. Sorry if  it caused any inconvenience. Also I noticed that the new E-mail I put on the website was both hard to
                                                          see and incorrect. The news entry for the 21st has been fixed and a hyperlink has been added to the address.

                                                            Labyrinth is released and can be downloaded here

                                                            Two days until Labyrinth's release. I have a new E-mail address that you can use to contact me for non-support purposes, but the older E-mail will still work.
                                                          The E-mail address is smcc@qubicprograms.x10.mx

You can E-mail me at smcc@qubicprograms.x10.mx
or suppot@qubicprograms.x10.mx

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