9/8/14: On Nightfall Construct's Status

So, I've been meaning to get this update out for a little while, but just got around to doing it. I know I said that I hoped to be able to upload a prototype of Nighfall Construct in my last update, but I haven't gotten it where I was wanting to yet. It's been a little lower on the list of things to do, since college is a bit of a higher priority now. I've been considering uploading a video of the current state, but that's also up in the air of whether that happens soon or not. However, if anyone is interested out a version of it: email me, and I'll put more time into getting it ready, and I'll either upload it then, or email you a copy.

9/8/14: Qubic Programs: Updated, Refined, and Repaired

As of today the update of the Qubic Programs site is complete. I've repaired the installer for Labyrinth (and the link is no longer broken.) I've also created a page specifically for my custom music tracks, instead of linking out to my SoundCloud page. I'm going to be heading off to college within a couple weeks, so that may, or may not, affect the work I do on this site. I'm hoping to have the release of the Nightfall Construct prototype out by then, if possible.

9/3/14: Notice: Update in Progress

I'm currently in the midst of updating this site. The update will include repaired links for the Labyrinth installer, a dedicated SoundCloud music page, and several other revisions. I'm also hoping to release an early prototype version of Nightfall Construct. The prototype will include several of the very basic mechanics of the game, and I'll be posting a list of planned features on the Nightfall Construct page.

5/5/14: Delays and New Projects

Ok, so as you might have noticed, the site has finally been updated to the new Bootstrap-based site for the main page. It's been a while, but since this (the site and it's contents) has been more of a hobby, I've just been working on it when I have the time and have the desire to work on it. I've been working on learning x86 Assembly language, so there isn't much I can upload to this site for others to use, but I haven't completely abandoned it... More to come in the future (hopefully)...

2/7/14: Still Working

So, I am still updating the website. There are a couple of new pages up on the site. I ran into a couple issues with some pages that I have finally worked out. In addition, high school's senior year is turning out to be a little more hectic than I expected, so I've been working on scholarship and college applications, so this site has kind of been a lower priority...

11/27/13: Website Progress

The website update is progressing nicely, the pages that are currently available are the Home, About, Gallery, and Labyrinth pages. (The old site is no longer available, as most of the content has been updated. Things that the old site had that are no longer available were unpresentable, and may, or may not, be reuploaded later on.)

11/13/13: Updating Website

I am currently working on an overhaul of this website. I am planning on using Bootstrap, which will allow for a much nicer website.

5/5/13: Labyrinth v1.0.1 and Links

The update for Labyrinth to version 1.0.1 is completed. I have also added links to my SoundCloud page and custom level I created for Nitronic Rush

5/1/13: Labyrinth Update Soon

Almost done with the update for Labyrinth. Just touchup for some of the levels and the installer. Should have it out by 5/5/13.

3/1/13: Labyrinth Update In Progress

A new update is coming soon for Labyrinth. This update will include a new mechanic and a few interesting new features...

11/4/12: Distance Kickstarter

The team behind Nitronic Rush is creating a new game, Distance, which they are trying to get funded. Please take a look at both games and tell your friends.

8/27/12: Tekkit Server

The Qubical Tekkit server is finally online. The uptime is not currently 24/7, so please E-mail me if you want to use the server. (The server is no longer online. The server was a Tekkit Classic server, and as such, is now outdated. It was used mainly with friends, who have all moved on to different servers/games)

7/31/12: General Update

Sorry about how long it has taken to put anything on here. I have been extremely busy with my Eagle Scout project and have had very little time to work on other things. I have uploaded the installer for a utility I wrote to keep track of my time on the computer. Also, I am hoping to get a computer working that I can use as a Minecraft server. If you have any ideas about what the server should be (Bukkit, Vanilla, Tekkit, other mods, etc...) please E-mail me.

6/29/12: Web Hosting Problems and Fixed Emails

The web hosting server I use failed today but is now back online. Sorry if it caused any inconvenience. Also I noticed that the new E-mail I put on the website was both hard to see and incorrect. The news entry for the 21st has been fixed and a hyperlink has been added to the address.

6/23/12: Labyrinth Released

Labyrinth is released and can be downloaded here

6/21/12: Labyrinth: Comming Soon

Two days until Labyrinth's release. I have a new E-mail address that you can use to contact me for non-support purposes, but the older E-mail will still work. (The email has changed since this post and is now: